Balch Springs

Once upon a time, in the small town of Balch Springs, TX, everyone knew everyone else’s business. Or at least they thought they did. You see, not much happens in Balch Springs; there isn’t much to do or much for anyone to see. However, this is exactly what makes Balch Springs such an ideal place for criminal activity to go unnoticed. After all if you haven’t noticed something is wrong with your community then it is unlikely that the authorities will either. The problem is that the people of Balch Springs aren’t exactly subtle when it comes to informing one another about their suspicions or worries. In fact you could say that we are paranoid about our town and its people being watched at all times. These constant undercurrents have created a sense of paranoia in many of us and we take great pains to ensure no outsider sees anything that might be perceived as suspicious or negative about our town. This has led to some strange and bizarre conspiracy theories taking root over the years which now seem perfectly normal; however at the time these thoughts were new and frightening for many locals who saw them as a sign that someone was out to get them or expose their dirty little secrets… Learn More

What’s Going On In Balch Springs?
The citizens of Balch Springs are suspicious of everyone and everything around them and the result of this paranoia is a town that is constantly on edge. This paranoia and suspiciousness has grown to the point where many people in Balch Springs feel like outsiders or like they are being watched by someone or something. As a result, people feel the need to inform others if they are seen doing anything that might be perceived as odd. While this can be a healthy thing for a small town, it can also lead to weird and sometimes dangerous situations. The town of Balch Springs has a population of just over 5,000 people. Many of the residents of Balch Springs have lived there their entire lives, so many people in the town feel “odd” or “unwanted” because they are not “normal” Balch Springs residents. The problem is that these feelings of being watched or “not normal” can lead to dangerous situations as well.

Just a Few Strange Things…
There are a few odd things that happen in Balch Springs that make the town seem like a strange place, but they are all strange in small town ways. These strange things can be easily explained by the town’s odd and paranoid culture. – People in the town feel like they are being watched or monitored by the government or other outside parties. The town’s lack of a jobs and economy makes people feel like they have nothing but time on their hands and that they are being watched by someone or something. – In the same way, people are paranoid about the government and other outside parties watching them, they are also paranoid about the government monitoring their phone calls and Internet usage.

But There’s Something Different About This Town…
But there is something different about this town. Most small towns are just small, but Balch Springs is more than that. Why is Balch Springs so different? There isn’t a big industry in the town; there aren’t many jobs available either. Instead the town is mostly white and middle class, and some of those people are a little too worried about the town’s “differentness”.

The Conspiracy Is Real – Or is it?
The conspiracy theory is real and it is very real in Balch Springs, but it is also very real in most small towns. The town’s paranoia and conspiracy theories have led them down some dark paths toward violence and possible injustice. For example, there have been a few bizarre incidents involving the police force in Balch Springs. One incident involved a police officer shooting a 12-year-old boy. Then there was the incident in which a police officer shot and killed an unarmed teenager. Then there was the incident in which a man was shot and killed after being mistaken for being a burglar. And then there was the incident in which a man was shot and killed after being mistaken for being a “suspect”. Don’t miss this information.

People who live in small towns like Balch Springs feel like outsiders, like they are being watched, and that they are not normal. The town’s paranoia has led it to some dangerous incidents involving the police force, but the paranoia also makes it an interesting place to live. If you are interested in moving to Balch Springs or if you are just curious about the town, you should read this blog and make sure you understand exactly what it is like to live in Balch Springs.

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