5 Signs It’s Time For A New AC Unit

A great AC unit is almost a necessity nowadays in every home, and it should work correctly at all times. According to Comfyliving.net, in 2018, there was a 111 million AC unit demand, but no one wants to spend money on a new AC unit if they can avoid it. Unfortunately, there are several signs you might need to replace it completely, such as constantly calling for AC repairs, and if you ignore them you might end up spending more money. Therefore, let’s discover other signs indicating that you need to buy a new air conditioner.

1. Calling for AC Repairs Often

One of the clearest signs that indicate whether you should overhaul your system completely is having to call a repairman all the time. If the unit breaks down often, it’s not working as it should. Spending money on repairs is going to be more expensive than simply buying a new set. Remember, investing a considerable amount now can save you money in the long run.

2. There Are Leaks

While a little condensation around your air conditioner is fine, water should not be pooling. If it does, it could mean there’s major coolant leakage, and it can damage many aspects of your house, such as furniture, flooring, wall, etc. It’s also dangerous for your family.

3. It Creates A Bad Smell

If you notice a funky smell coming out of your unit, it could be a case of mold, which is extremely dangerous for your home. Breathing in that odor and particles can affect your children. At the very least, you have to call for AC repairs so they can figure out the problem.

However, a bad smell can also be an indication of bad wiring, which is even more potentially hazardous. If you feel like there’s a smoky or burning plastic smell in the air, turn off your AC and call an expert immediately.

4. It Makes Weird Noises

A new AC unit will not make any sound at all, but an old one might. You and your family are probably used to the noise of your current system already, so you know when there’s something odd. If that happens, call a repairman and they will advise you on what to do.

5. It’s Over Ten Years Old

While your system might be working in top shape, older models tend to use more energy. Newer technologies have improved AC systems considerably, making them greener and more cost-efficient.

Now you only need to watch out for these signs and determine if you should change your AC. It might seem like an expensive purchase, but it’s necessary for your home!

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