When it comes to taking care of your air conditioner so that it lasts for as long as possible and runs efficiently, there are a few things that you can do. No one wants to risk having their AC go out during the peak of summer, and by avoiding these five mistakes, you can help lower your risk of needing AC repair.

1. Not Having Tune Ups

Not having your AC unit checked out and tuned up every year can be a major mistake and it could mean that problems with your AC go undetected, leading to failure. This could also mean that your system may not be running efficiently, leading to higher energy bills during the summer that could otherwise be avoided with a tune up.

2. Not Changing Your Filters

Changing your clogged, dirty filter can lower the energy consumption of your AC system by between 5% to 15%, and this can add up, especially during the summer. Dirty filters that are left for too long can also cause a huge number of additional problems with your system that can eventually lead to needing AC repair.

3. Setting the Temp Too Low

While you may think that setting your thermostat lower will make your home cool down quicker, this isn’t true. Instead, turning down the temp too low and leaving it will only waste a lot of energy and lead to your system having to work harder on particularly hot days.

4. Blocking Air Vents

Some homeowners believe that by blocking vents in their homes they can save money by not cooling those rooms. However, this doesn’t make any difference when it comes to energy consumption. In fact, blocking and closing vents can lead to efficiency and performance issues instead.

5. Ignoring Problems

Lastly, ignoring problems with your system is a surefire way to ensure that you’ll need more costly AC repairs in the future. The longer you ignore a problem, the greater the chance that it will get worse, possibly leading to extra damage to additional components. You should always call in a repair technician at the first sign of trouble, and never wait too long if you think your AC unit is having problems.

With these mistakes in mind, you can start taking steps to avoid them and keep your AC unit lasting as long as possible. If you’re currently experiencing trouble or haven’t had a tune up this year, consider speaking to an AC repair technician to ensure that everything is working correctly in your unit.