Did you know that air conditioners contribute to six percent of all electricity produced in the United States?

If you live in Rockwall, TX, you know that the summers can be brutal. Air conditioners are a necessity in our homes to keep us comfortable and cool. 

Are you frequently having issues with your air conditioner? Wondering what could be the cause?

Is your AC not working? Here are eight possible reasons why you may be having issues with your AC. 

1. Air Filter Needs Changing

If your air filter is dirty, it can affect the performance of your AC. Air filters collect dust, dirt, and debris. Over a long period of time, the buildup of dust can make your air conditioners work harder than they need to.

This is especially true if you live somewhere with extreme heat and humidity in the summer, such as Rockwall, Texas. 

How often you need to change your air filter will depend on a variety of conditions such as how often you use the air conditioner or if you have pets. On average, it’s recommended to change the air filter about every 60-90 days.

2. Issues With the Fans

Another possible reason for an AC not working is an issue with the AC fans. The fans or motors may be damaged or broken. If you think there is an issue with the fan, you can call a professional HVAC company to have someone come out and inspect your unit. 

3. Issues With Air Ducts

If you have your AC unit on, but it doesn’t seem to be cooling your house efficiently, then it might be an issue with the air ducts in your home.

If your air ducts are clogged or dirty, then your AC unit won’t be able to work properly. Another issue may be air duct leaks. Cool air may be escaping through the leaks in your air ducts. 

You’ll want to contact a professional to inspect the air ducts in your home.

4. Issues With the Coils

There are also issues that can occur with the coils. One common issue is a frozen evaporator coil.

The evaporator coil in your AC unit has refrigerant. If there is not enough refrigerant, the evaporator coil can freeze. A frozen evaporator coil makes your AC run inefficiently.

Another issue may be dirty coils. The coils in your air conditioner work to absorb the heat from the hot air. If the coils are dirty, they won’t properly absorb the heat.

One sign that you may notice with dirty coils is hot air blowing in your home instead of cool air. 

If you don’t regularly maintain your air conditioner, there can be a buildup of dirt on the AC coils over time. You can set up a regular maintenance plan with a trusted HVAC company to service your AC and regularly inspect the coils.

5. Refrigerant Leak

Another common AC issue is a refrigerant leak. If the outdoor evaporator coil looks icy or frozen, this may be a sign of a refrigerant leak. Another sign of a refrigerant leak is your AC suddenly not cooling the house. 

6. Air Conditioner Too Small

If your air conditioner is not properly cooling your home in the summer, another issue is that it is too small for the size of your home. 

For instance, you may notice that your home is not cooling down during the hotter days of the summer. If your unit is older, you might consider replacing the unit with a larger one that can keep your home comfortable.

You can speak with a professional technician to decide what size air conditioner is right for your home. 

7. Condensate Drain Line Is Clogged 

Do you notice water leaking into your home? This can be a sign that your condensate drain line is clogged.  

If you notice water leaking from your air conditioner, you’ll want to contact an HVAC professional to get that issue checked out right away. 

8. Thermostats Needs to Be Adjusted

Sometimes, it may be an issue as simple as adjusting the thermostat. If your AC isn’t turning on or working, you can check to make sure that the thermostat is set properly. 

Maybe, someone in the household adjusted the thermostat and raised the temperature. Or, someone may have switched it to a setting other than the cool setting. 

If your AC isn’t working, this should be one of the first things to check.

9. The AC Needs to Be Replaced

Is it time for an AC replacement? You might want to consider a replacement if your unit is older and not working efficiently. 

Another sign you might need an AC replacement is if you’re constantly having your AC repaired or service. The cost of constant repairs can add up over time. 

What’s more, if your AC is older, it might save you more money in the long term to replace it with a newer model that is energy efficient. The average central AC unit has a service life of about 15-20 years

If your current air conditioner is older, you might want to consider upgrading it. You don’t want your air conditioner to fail on you in the middle of a hot Texas summer.

Another sign your AC might need a replacement is if your utility bills continually increase. This may be a sign that your AC is working hard, yet not efficiently to cool down your house.

AC Not Working? Schedule a Service Appointment Today

There are several reasons for an AC not working. Instead of trying to figure out the issue, you should contact a professional HVAC service company to inspect your unit and resolve the issue. 

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