The air conditioner is broken and you can’t bear to wait one more hour in the stifling heat. But do you call a professional, or do you try to fix it yourself?

When it comes to air conditioning repair, there are some jobs that an average homeowner can complete without paying a professional. But there are others that require a level of expertise that only a licensed professional can provide.

Read the air conditioning repair tips below to find out which jobs you can tackle yourself and when you should get on the phone and call an expert.

Air Conditioning Repair Tips: DIY

Before you call an AC repair service, consider whether you can repair it yourself. Below are six scenarios 

1. Check the Thermostat

Take a look at the thermostat and check that it is set for a temperature below the current room temperature. You can try a much lower temperature (60 degrees or cooler) to test whether the temperature setting is causing the issue.

If your thermostat runs on batteries, try replacing them. Make sure that the thermostat is turned on and is set for AC, not the fan. Small changes to the setting of the thermostat can happen from time to time and are easy to adjust yourself. 

2. Try a Deep Clean

Sometimes your AC not working is a result of dirt and dust build-up. You can clean the outside unit including the fan blades and condenser fins. Be careful when cleaning these pieces because they are more fragile than they look. If the fins are misaligned, you can gently move them back into place using a dinner knife.

Always double-check that the AC is off before starting to clean.

You should also check your ducts for dust. The airflow could be weak because of dirt blocking the flow of cold air. Remove dust from the ducts and test the AC again. Using a dry cloth or a damp cloth will remove dust and dirt. You do not need to use stronger cleaning products.

3. Replace the Filter

Keeping the filter of your AC clean helps it run smoothly but can also protect you and your family from harmful indoor air pollution. Changing the filter approximately every 90 days allows the unit to cool efficiently and prevent the system from icing up. 

If you or a family member has allergies, or you have pets, this is especially important. Indoor air pollutants can make allergies worse.

Replacing the filter is a relatively easy and inexpensive repair you can make without an AC professional.

Air Conditioning Repair Tips: Call the Experts

There are a few AC repairs that you should not attempt to execute on your own. In these scenarios, you will want to contact a reliable expert, explain the issue, and ask any relevant questions you may have.

If you are ever in doubt whether you should perform maintenance or repair yourself or if you should hire an AC repair service, you should consider a free quote for the work. Spending a little money now might save you time and money in the future. 

Remember that DIY videos online are not always reliable and that AC units are serious pieces of machinery. Use caution and keep yourself safe at all times.

1. Install a Programmable Thermostat

If you have already checked all of the settings on your thermostat and it still doesn’t seem to be working, it may be time to replace the thermostat all together.

A programmable thermostat will allow you to set the temperature throughout the day. You can have greater control over when and how often it turns on which can save you money in energy costs.

A new thermostat is not simple to install yourself and should be completed by a professional. The expert can also walk you through several options for programmable thermostats at various price ranges and make a recommendation based on your needs.

2. Add an In-Line Duct Booster

With a forced-air cooling system, you can use a duct or vent booster to cool down a room more efficiently. The fan boosts the flow of cool air and fits inside the duct.

To install, the fan is mounted near the outlet and turns on automatically when the AC unit turns on. While this project may seem simple, it is best left up to a professional. If the installation is not done correctly, it could damage the duct or it could not work properly.

If you are interested in an in-line duct booster, you can call and get a consultation to see if that is the best option for the problem you’re having.

3. Electrical Problems

If you believe your AC issues are due to electrical problems, do not attempt to fix it yourself. If you are not experienced with electrical work, you could be injured trying to perform maintenance or repair. 

Electrical issues with your AC could be from the wiring. Wires can become frayed or worn out over time and should be replaced. You may also have an issue with the circuit breaker. If there is not enough power for your AC it could trip the circuit breaker.

You may also be having an issue with the capacitors which control the motors for the AC. Any of these electrical issues are fixable, but should only be completed by a licensed professional. 

Being a Responsible AC Owner

When it comes to your air conditioner, regular maintenance, care, and repair are essential. Knowing which air conditioning repair tips you can do yourself is a great way to save money and learn about how your AC functions.

However, being a responsible AC owner also means knowing when the job is too big or too technical for a DIY project. You can always call a professional for advice or a quote before committing to a service.

If you are looking for AC repair in the Rockwell area, you can contact us today for more information!