Is the summer sun getting too much for your Rockwall home? Is your HVAC unit failing to do the job?

If so, you need to know why, as well as how to rectify the problem as soon as possible. 

There are several issues that can occur with your HVAC unit. You’ll want to get these checked out as soon as possible to prevent damage from getting worse.

Keep reading to learn about ten signs that you need AC repair immediately. 

1. Hot Air

The first sign of a problem is when your AC begins to blow hot air. In most cases, the AC unit will also try its hardest to make the air cold, ramping up your energy costs as it does so. 

Besides signifying a problem, this also makes things very uncomfortable for you.

Check that the thermostat is at the correct setting. If this still does not work, you may have a problem with the compressor. This requires a big fix that will require a professional to repair. 

2. Short Cycling

Short cycling is the term applied to units that are failing to complete a full cooling cycle. If your system is turning on and off, it signifies a problem with the cycles. This is a huge source of energy consumption. 

There are many causes of this problem.

Easy to fix ones included clogged filters. More serious problems can be from electrical issues or leaking refrigerant. If you suspect the latter, then this is a hazardous chemical that only a specialist can fix. 

3. Bad Odor

Your air conditioning unit should be odor-free. If you start to smell anything, particularly bad smells, then there’s a problem. Bad odors could contain substances that can be damaging to health. 

Electrical burning or the smells of burning dust could be a sign of overload. This can result in fire, so turn off your system.

Damp, musty smells can come from mold and mildew. This can be through clogged ducts and can cause serious respiration problems Make sure to address the issue quickly. 

4. Strange Noises

AC units should be silent. However, we all know that is not often the case. If you hear a new and unusual noise or notice that old ones get louder, it could be a sign of a problem. 

Squealing, high-pitched noises could be slipped belts in the internal mechanism, damaged or worn bearings, or even a lack of lubrication. This may involve getting inside the unit itself, so you’ll need professional assistance. 

5. Aging Unit

An average air conditioning unit lasts around ten to fifteen years. There may come a point when your unit is constantly requiring some sort of fix or update, and you just need to replace it altogether.  

Even if your unit is old but functional, it won’t have the same energy efficiency a modern one does. With technology improvements in energy consumption improving in the last five years alone, you are probably using a lot of energy.

A replacement for a modern unit will save money in the long term. 

6. Humidity Increases

As well as cooling, an AC unit should be regulating the humidity and moisture levels in your property. If you notice an increase in humidity, then it may be an air conditioning problem. 

Check around the unit and ductwork for cracks or leaks, and you may find pooling water. This can contribute to increased moisture levels. It can also cause a lot of damage on account of mold and mildew growth. 

7. Poor Airflow

An air conditioner should not just cool the air, but purify and replace it as well. If you feel the air in the home is stale, then you may not be getting the required airflow from your unit. This could be due to a broken motor.

It may also be that your air conditioner has not been set up to deliver air where you need it most. You can solve this problem with zoning, by directing cooling power to where you need it. 

8. Thermostat Problems

Thermostats can also be the cause of many AC problems. As it sends the signal to the system, telling it how and when to operate, malfunctions or incorrect signals can lead to a system that is not responding as you wish.

This can result in a hot summer and increased energy bills.

9. Water Leaks

The pooling of any liquid near your AC is not a good sign. It may be coming from cracks that are letting out moisture. In the worse case, it could be leaking refrigerant, a dangerous and damaging chemical.

Refrigerant is used to cool the home. It produces condensation as it operates, but if you see this accumulating, then your system is not running properly and you need professional assistance. 

10. Increased Energy Costs

Usually related to an old unit, you may notice cooling yourself in the summer sun costs more and more every year. This may be down to faulty parts just as much as the age of the unit.

Any problem is bound to increase energy costs. The reason for this is that your unit works overtime to cool the room, to compensate for the problem. If not, it may be staying on longer than you wish, costing even more power. 

Get Professional Help for AC Repair

If you do need AC repair, then do not hesitate to get professional help. While you may be able to fix some repairs, such as filter replacements, other tasks require expertise.

You may damage your system beyond repair or end up costing yourself more money. 

Your first stop should be All Care Comfort Solutions. No matter how big or small, we will solve all your HVAC problems. Contact us so we can help cool your Rockwall home today!